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After you've made basic repairs, the task of selling your home boils down to making the house as clean, clutter-free, and inviting as possible. Now's the time to make cosmetic improvements: Paint a dingy room, rearrange furniture, hang up artwork, or freshen your front entrance with flowers.

Make sure your agent has plenty of brochures and business cards available to set out on the entry table or on the kitchen counter. The hard part will be keeping up appearances as long as your house is for sale. Go through this checklist at least every other day to make sure that your home is tidy.

Front entrance

Clean doors and windows, Sweep sidewalk, Polish doorknob, Shake out doormat, Water container flowers (replace if necessary), Clean doors and windows, Keep the lawn and landscaping trimmed


Clean doors and windows, Mop floor, shake out rug, vacuum carpeting, Water container flowers or plants, Dust shelves or entry table, Tidy up closet

Living room, family room

Stow away newspapers, magazines, books, games, toys, and videos, Straighten out coffee table, bookshelves, and other areas, Mop floor or vacuum rugs, Vacuum upholstered furniture; wipe down leather or vinyl, Dust surfaces (including TV screen), Sweep fireplace, Wipe down ceiling fan blades, Water house plants


Mop or vacuum floor, Clean appliances, Wipe countertops, cabinets, Clean sink, Stow away kitchen sponge and dish towels, Open windows or run fan to remove cooking odors


Wipe wet shower stalls and bathtubs, Mop floors. Put out fresh towels. Empty wastebaskets, Clean sinks, mirrors and faucets, Stow away laundry


Make beds, Mop floors or vacuum rugs, Stow away shoes, laundry, clothes, books or toys, Open curtains or shades, Tidy up closet

Home office

Straighten out desk and bookshelves, Stow away files, Mop floor or vacuum rugs, Dust surfaces, including computer screen, Polish cabinets and woodwork


      Clear clutter blocking access to furnace, electrical box or laundry room, Sweep stairs

Preparing to Sell

Cosmetic changes, major upgrades- what’s the best options?

Practical advice to determine your home’s value in today’s real estate market!

Ideas, hints, tips, and experience to help yo sell your home for the right price!

Selling Strategies

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Prparing to Sell

Preparing to Sell: Basic Home Repairs