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Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than peeling paint, a broken window, or a splintered front step. It's wise to make necessary repairs before you put your house on the market. A house in good condition demonstrates pride of ownership - one of your best sales tools. Start by covering these areas:

Inside the House

If you can't afford to replace damaged or worn floors, consider offering the buyer an allowance for renovation.

Fixes can range from replacing a faucet washer to buying a new toilet.

Fill and paint any cracks or holes in the walls. (You may need to repaint entire walls to mask such repairs.)

Most agents will want you to turn on all the lights before a showing.

Fix any creaks as well.

Make it easy for a buyer to walk in.

If your garage door opener doesn't work, repair or replace it.

Outside the House

Don't let your house be shown with the equivalent of a black eye.

If the driveway requires major repair, it may be preferable to offer the buyer an allowance for the work.

Touch up peeling paint, window frames, porches, and shutters. Repaint the entire exterior if it is drab or peeling.

Good drainage is key to passing a home inspection.

It's a matter of both safety and aesthetics.

A new coat of sealer can spruce up a fading deck.

Replace shingles and tack down loose flashing. If the roof is old, you may want to replace it and adjust your sales price accordingly.

Basic Repairs

Selling Strategies

Whats Your Home Worth

Prparing to Sell

Preparing to Sell: Basic Home Repairs

Cosmetic changes, major upgrades- what’s the best options?

Practical advice to determine your home’s value in today’s real estate market!

Ideas, hints, tips, and experience to help yo sell your home for the right price!