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Our Services


Founded in 1984 Harmony Real Estate was first run from a small home office.

 Harmony Real Estate, Inc. has been selling homes in the Nashua/ Hudson area for approximately 30 years.  Our original location was a small office in downtown Nashua at 14 Spring Street.  It was a “handy-man special!”  A shoe string beginning that one only hears about in the great country of these United States.  Because of the condition of the building, the Ziehm family purchased it for $45,000 in May of 1984.  Being a family owned and operated business, they then rolled up their sleeves and went to work.  Though a modest beginning, the building became a project to be proud of.  Those who knew “the before” enjoyed the gratification of a job well done.

Old Lowell Road, Hudson

The result of this investment was that the Ziehms did a 1031 Exchange for their new  property in August of 2001 for $230,000.  That $230,000 put Harmony into Lowell Road/Winnhaven Drive which was another “handy-man special”.  Again, the Ziehms rolled up their sleeves and rehabbed the building.  This time their daughter, Angela, did the interior and exterior planning; Ken, their son, did most of the demolition; and there was plenty of work for the rest of the family!  Our success is proof that the American free enterprise system works.  If you’re willing to work hard, this country still offers the possibility to reach your dreams even beyond your greatest imagination.

Each agent has become an extension of our Harmony family.  We provide our agents with  continuous training keeping them on the cutting edge of our industry.  Over the 36 years that Sandra Ziehm, broker/owner  has been in the real estate business, there have been many changes.  One thing that has not changed is that counseling is the most valuable service we offer.  Harmony agents can help their clients with questions such as the following:

It is vital to provide full-time office coverage 7 days a week.  Thus, our staff consists of a secretary, two administrative assistants, and a part-time bookkeeper.  With this complete administrative staff, we are better able to provide comprehensive coverage.  We also offer state-of-the-art technology to provide instant information and to create better marketing graphics.

We work as a team here at Harmony.  As a management tool, we keep track of the issues facing the different agents in their transactions.  We collectively discuss the issue that one agent may have experienced, keeping total confidentiality in a spirit of learning!  As such, we support and learn from each other.  This comes as a benefit to our clients in the form of better service.  You have the expertise of all of us available to you, not just the agent who is working with you.  Part of that service is an “Open Door Policy” to Sandra Ziehm, owner/broker.  Her experience is available to all those who entrust their housing needs to Harmony.

In summation, Harmony was founded on the precept that real estate is a good investment.  Proof of our belief is our continued investment in local real estate and in our community.

This is personified by our commitment to do business with local craftsmen/Neighbor-to Neighbor becoming friends with our community.  Our hope is that our friends in the community will complete the circle by doing business with Harmony Real Estate.  If you have questions or concerns regarding real estate give us a call or better yet drop on by we’d love to talk with you.